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When outdoor temperatures drop, heating is a requirement for families in Virginia. Taylor Construction Services Heating & Air Conditioning provides complete heating services to keep your family comfortable. From new furnace and heating installation to maintenance and repairs, our professional technicians are available to handle all your heating needs.

We provide comprehensive heating services to take care of any heating needs that arise in your home, including the following:

Heat Pumps, Gas Furnaces, and Boilers

New heating equipment is a big investment, and our technicians can help you navigate the options. When your comfort and efficiency is compromised, a new furnace and heating installation may be the right solution. There are some situations where new heating equipment may be necessary to keep your family comfortable:

  • Your heating system is in need of frequent repairs.
  • Your heating system isn’t performing to the same level as it once was.
  • Your heating bills are rising without explanation.
  • You have added on to your living space.
  • Your heating system is not keeping up with the cold temperatures.

Heating Equipment Maintenance

Weather you own a heat pump, gas furnace, or boiler; maintenance is essential to maximizing the performance and efficiency of your system. During your heating season maintenance visit, one of our trained technicians will thoroughly inspect your entire system. We perform essential maintenance to keep components operating smoothly, and fill-out an extremely detailed Precision Maintenance Agreement which the homeowner will receive. We check all components to ensure they are functioning properly and to look for issues which could cause trouble down the road.

Heating Repair

If you’re experiencing furnace or heating troubles, call for repair service to restore your comfort. If your furnace or heating system won’t start, it’s an obvious indication that repairs are needed. However, some signals aren’t so obvious. Be on the lookout for these signs which can indicate the need for furnace and heating repair:

  • Your furnace and heating system has to run longer to heat your living areas.
  • The system cycles on and off frequently.
  • The air coming from your registers isn’t warm.
  • Your heating bills have risen without explanation.

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